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Masterchef Professional’s Monica – now that’s how to give feedback… October 18, 2009

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In this brief blog entry I want to praise Monica Galetti for what I think is an excellent feedback style – and to consider what it is about her feeback that I like so much.

Monica Galetti (Pic:DM)

It is interesting how many people, including Terry Wogan and the Daily Mirror’s Matt Roper,  have described Monica as scary and her communication style as ‘icy put-downs’. http://www.mirror.co.uk/celebs/news/2009/09/28/grilled-by-the-scariest-chef-on-television-115875-21705783/

As someone who specialises in communication, I think she has a direct and authentic style. What makes her style so effective is the detail she puts into her feedback.  For example,”You have produced four good fillets – I asked for five.”  “This is not what I asked for…”  “”This sauce is good, Michel would happily serve this.”

Assertiveness – which characterises Monica’s approach – is about being confident and direct and getting your point across without violating the rights of the other person. An assertive response should feel direct without being abrupt and get its point across without it appearing personal.

I described her as authentic because she said to me via facebook that ‘Michel told me to go on there and just be how I am in the resturant’. You can see no affectation about her and she has been consistent across the series. One ‘clue’ to someone seeking celebrity status in this environment is to coin a catchphrase. For an example, consider Monica’s fellow host Greg Wallace.  Greg says ‘cook well!’  on each programme , uses odd metaphors about the metallic nature of tastes added to that his aggressive diatribes suggest attention grabbing.

Not so Monica, despite the producers’ attempts to inject drama.

Giving effective feedback:

  1. Feedback should be direct, detailed and accurate.
  2. It should clearly identify what you observed and what point you want to make about it.
  3. You should offer information about any ‘gaps’ identified and suggest what would need to be different to be better
  4. It should be directed at the issue not stated in the personal.


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