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A conversation about multiple intelligences and appreciative intelligence July 19, 2010

Posted by Vincent in Uncategorized.

I came across the notion of ‘appreciative intelligence’ the other day whilst reading about appreciative inquiry – http://appreciativeinquiry.case.edu/intro/CommentaryForewardOakAcorn.pdf
It sparked my interest because it addresses the intelligence required to appropriately harness all other intelligences an individual has; it is a meta-intelligence as Howard Gardner, creator of the multiple intelligences theory, describes it; meta being the greek word for ‘above’.

Thatchenkery and Metzker wrote “the key is in finding the oak tree in the acorn.” My interest is in how we can identify, develop and release this meta-intelligence in others.

I agree with David Cooperrider, co-creator of ‘Appreciative Inquiry’, that being able to appreciate the positive possibility in every person and situation opens up enormous opportunities, quite often untapped and having the capacity to create a huge impact on the World.


1. Ben Ardayfio - December 30, 2010

Indeed, appreciative intelligence seems to be the original and natural intelligence that God endowed man with when He said we should subdue the land. i.e. development and expansion with the resource that are available

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